Wednesday, April 1, 2009

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Are You Ready To Make Your Move?

Tired of Renting? Ready to Own? Read this article. It was presented to me by Lindsay Doke, Mortgage Specialist of the Royal Bank of Canada.

This is a sound article because with low interest rates and availability of homes in various price ranges throughout the '905' area code, you should start to consider the purchase of your first home or to upgrade to that next level of home.

If you are renting, you may dream about owning a home of your own - decorate as you like, enjoy great neighbourhoods, entertain family and friends -- but you may be uncertain whether you're ready, especially if you haven't started saving.

Fortunately, with today's low mortgage rates and more flexible down payment requirements, your first home may already be within your reach.

There is a sound financial reason to buy now: your home may be the the single biggest investment you will ever make, one that could pay off significantly in the long run.

Consider this: over the past 10 years, there has been a 65% increase in the value of the average Canadian home. To put that into dollars and cents, the average home in Canada would have cost $150,720 in 1985. Today, that same house would be valued at $248,176 -- a big increase in value over this period of time. And of course, the earlier you can redirect the money you pay in rent towards paying down a mortgage, the faster you will start building equity in your home.

Does the increase in value shown above represent a good investment? The answer is "YES". Typically, housing is a stable investment, offering good rates of return. Unlike the stock market, your home typically offers you a dependable rate of return. And of course, a place to live.

This housing market differs from the 1980's in the sense that, buyers went into panic buying and there was an over-supply of homes causing a swing in house prices. Now, we have been living in a period of low inflation and low interest rates, both of which help to maintain a strong, but steady, market for homes without wild swings in prices.

There's a tax advantage to purchasing a home. When you sell your principal residence for more than you paid for it, the increase in value (Capital Gains) is yours tax-free.

At the end of the day, one of the biggest considerations isn't the market, mortgage rates or investment value, but rather your desire to enjoy the comfort and privacy of owning your own home. The best time to stop renting and start owning is when you are ready.

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