Friday, April 30, 2010

Second Line Elegant Home for Sale, Mississauga

Welcome to 7203 Second Line West in Meadowvale Village, a coveted community in Mississauga. This fabulous custom built home is situated on a rare 242 Ft. deep lot on a Cul-De-Sac abutting the Credit River and Conservation Lands. Serentity and solitude await in this one-of-a-kind home boasting 5000+ Sq.Ft of living space. Also included are hardwood floors throuhout,a professionally finished basement with Nanny quarters, 2 - storey ceilings, custom draperies, wainscotted walls, professionally landscaped and decorated.

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Also included in this home are Stainless Steel Fridge, Cooktop, built-in double ovens, built-in dishwasher, $40,000 in custom drapes, designer light fixtures, imported granite counters, wine niche, closet organizers, fully landscaped rear yard with 1300+ Sq.Ft of outdoor living with fireplace and Bbq area.

If not this property, perhaps something else? Or maybe just to chat and discuss your options.

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Monday, April 26, 2010

New Land Transfer Tax Calculator

With all the buyers and sellers that I meet on a daily basis, I often have the same questions, "What are the closing costs?" Sellers want to know what their financial responsibilities are, as do buyers. I try to inform all that I meet to the best of my ability. Well now, with assistance, I have on my web site a calculator that will give you the most important costs. With a click of a button, you can select the best answer that suits your situation, and sit back and relax. This calculator does the work for you.

Click here for your access. Visit under the Resource Title. It's page 1.

Thank you to Stanley Gelman, Q.C. for this information. Discuss with Stanley Gelman about rebates, and any other real estate legal questions that you might have. The fees quoted are for a normal residential purchase transaction up to $550,000. Additional Fees May Apply Purchase Mortgage $300 Title Insurance $250 - $350 (Relates to Purchase Price) Disbursements Searches Courier etc +/- $300.00 Rebates may vary; previous ownership and marital status. For additional information, please contact Stan Gelman at (905) 270-5110 or email Stanley Gelman, Q.C. ( Closing costs calculator provided by Stanley Gelman

As you start reading the documents that will be presented, I will inform you that I am a real estate agent, and that I will always suggest that you consult a lawyer if you have any legal questions. I would suggest contacting a specialists regarding mortgages, inspections, etc.

I hope that this is helpful. Remember, I try to provide you with as much helpful information to guide you through the real estate process. No pressure tactics, just honesty and professionalism.

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tax Time Myths and Mistakes

Thank you to John Scholl B. Mathematics, CGA, Consultant - Investors Group Financial Services Inc. for the following article. None of us want to think of Taxes this time of year, but that is what is first and formost on all our minds right now. We are all digging around for those receipts and making sure our calculations are correct. Panic sets in and we all want to make sure we file on time.

Some of the information below may appear simple, but it's the simple things that we tend to forget.

Managing Your Money

Organize your shoeboxcommon tax time myths and mistakes

It might be a shoebox or a big file folder or even a paper bag from your grocery store. It’s the place where you stash all the receipts, tax slips and other stuff that you think you’re going to need come tax time. And when you pull all of that out it can become … very confusing.

Tax Time Myths

I don’t have any income so I don’t have to file. You should always file a tax return so you can claim the GST/HST credit, the Canada Child Tax Benefit, and other tax credits and deductions that may result in a refund.

I’m too young to file. Young people should file a return even if their income is under the $10,320 basic personal exemption to get back tax withheld at source, to add to Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) contribution room, to trigger a GST/HST credit (if turning 19 in the next year), or to prove they have no income if applying for federal/provincial loans and bursaries.

My spouse can claim the child tax benefit for both of us. Each spouse has to file to get this credit.

I e-file my return so I don’t have to worry about receipts. Whether you e-file or send in a paper return, you must keep all supporting documentation in case the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) asks for it, otherwise your claim can be rejected.

Tax Time Mistakes

Failure to file by deadline. If you are paying taxes, you will face a late filing penalty of 5% plus 1% for each month your return is late, up to 12 months. You will also lose the option of lowering taxes through income-splitting.

Incorrect calculations. According to the CRA, tax return math mistakes are very common. You could end up paying more than you owe.

Failure to file a caregiver’s claim. You can make this claim as a parent taking care of a disabled child or your aging parents.

Claiming invalid expenses on employment income. You can claim only those expenses actually related to your job, such as automobile or home office expenses. Other expenses –dry cleaning, for example – do not qualify.

Not reporting a common law relationship (including same sex couples). You must file as a common law couple to receive the same treatment as married couples.

Not being aware of new credits. For example, the Home Renovation and First Time Home Buyers’ credits are new this year.

Your personal ‘shoebox’ can take many forms. A professional advisor can help you sort it all out to your best financial advantage at tax time and for all the times of your life.

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Lorne Park Lot For Sale

Welcome to 1542 Birchwood Drive, located in the prestigious neighbourhood of Lorne Park in Mississauga. The property is being "Sold As Is". The home interior will not be shown! High demand neighbourhood! Build your dream home. Surrounded By Multi-Million Dollar Homes.

The sellers would like to exclude the garden benches, patio stones in the rear yard and planting urns and pots that are now located on the property.

This property is located in the highly regarded school Lorne Park school district.

Give me a call and discuss.

Call Betty Bartusevicius directly at 416 427 1875
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Thursday, April 8, 2010

More Internet Traffic Information and A Little Bit of Venting

Every morning I read articles relating to real estate. Anything new? What's interesting? Then I found it! You may not think it's interesting, but I certainly did.

Here is some interesting information:
- 62% of home sellers only interviewed one agent before listing their home
- 19% of home sellers talked to 3 agents before they selected one
- 22% were more interested in determining the list price that would make their home competitive than any other service a listing agent would or could provide
- 1% thought professional designations were important when picking their agent. The other 99% didn't see the value to be of consequence. Board Certified Trial Attorney seems to matter in whether you will going to win in court.

So why would the majority of the public feel that the respresentation they would get from a real estate agent will probably not be improved by his/her education?

We have buyers and sellers that are looking to invest, or have invested, in one of the biggest purchases of their lives. They spend more time looking into insurance policies than they do looking and interviewing real estate agents.

I had 2 interviews for listing appointments in the last couple of days. I thought I had one listing when suddenly, the brakes were put on because half of the couple thought that their property was worth far more than was discussed. When I have to leave a home with one half in tears and the other wanting to think about it, I have to play referee and let it go for a couple of days. The second appointment went well but the sellers questioned the commission and they didn't feel that my education and marketing skills were a factor. I walked away from both sadly. I have not lost hope that I will get these listings.

Buyers shop for homes using the internet. Sellers follow information regarding real estate on the internet. I keep working and trying to please both buyers and sellers. Every day I try to provide information to both buyers and sellers that will be interesting and informative. If there are any questions that I have not answered, let me know and I will get that information for you.

If this sounds like I'm venting a little bit, well, I am. I don't mean to belittle anyone or to point fingers. Read my testimonials at I have tons of patience, I never strong arm anyone, and I produce results. It may take me longer than some agents, but I know that those clients that I have assisted, are pleased with my services.

Take a look at some of my YouTube videos. No matter how much I hate being in front of the camera, I know that someone will see me and possibly consider using my services in either selling their existing house or the purchase of that dream home.

Betty Bartusevicius, Sales Representative
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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Market Watch for March 2010

With interest rates on the rise and the dreaded HST Tax looming over the horizon, the real estate market is maintaining its pace. Multiple offers are abundant. Agents are holding off offers to stimulate multiple offers and homes are being listed lower for a quick sale with the same result.

We are still on the short side for listings. I guess I keep harping on listing agents because they aren't supplying the listings that I need for the number of serioius buyers that I have who WILL NOT compete in multiple offers but have not found that dream home. I keep looking and previewing.

As the March Market Watch states:

Greater Toronto REALTORS® reported the best result on record under the current Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB) boundaries.

“The strong rebound in the existing home market was one of the initial drivers of economic recovery,” said TREB President Tom Lebour. “While we don’t expect to see the same rates growth moving forward, GTA households will remain confident in ownership housing as a quality long-term investment, especially as economic recovery expands across all industries.”

“The average home price in the GTA will continue to grow this year, but the pace will slow as we move through the spring,” said Jason Mercer, TREB’s Senior Manager of Market Analysis. “As growth in new listings starts to outstrip growth in sales, buyers will experience more choice, resulting in more sustainable single digit rates of average price growth.”

I have found more of my buyer clients holding off for a short while, but still looking. This is the time of year when the spring market is coming to an end and we are entering a time with many changes. HST is becoming a reality. I keep previewing homes in Mississauga and Oakville.

Let's all get out there and enjoy the weather. What better time to look at homes -- days are longer, no boots and coats, and safer driving conditions.

Give me a call - 416 427 1875. Your decision is the decision that I will respect. Let's talk about your next step.

Betty Bartusevicius, Sales Representative
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I am an agent who instills in her clients the confidence to make the right purchase or sale decision. I achieve this by being hands on during the entire purchase process and demonstrating a superior knowledge of Toronto real estate matters and by educating my buyers and sellers in Mississauga.

If you have a family member, or friends, considering a purchase, you would want them looked after by an experienced and ethical REALTOR give me a call 416 427 1875

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Thank you to John Scholl B. Mathematics, CGA, Consultant - Investors Group Financial Services Inc. for providing the information below.

This article was published in the Elder Planning Counselor epulse newsletter published by the Canadian Initiatives for Elder Planning Studies and it deals with the sandwich generation…. Adults who have children of their own but also have to take care of elderly parents…. Usually because either the parents didn’t save enough to retire on and/or no long term care insurance to handle the increased expenses and duties for elder care.
Boomers sandwiched between parents and the kids

If you're a baby boomer in Canada today, chances are you could be feeling a bit like a piece of meat or chopped egg, sandwiched between dual responsibilities that are consuming a lot of your energy, time and money.

Two recent polls by Investors Group confirm what many have known for a while - that a lot of Canadian boomers are either taking care of aging parents or children who are still establishing their lives, or both.

There are about 8.6 million boomers in Canada - those people born between 1946 and 1965 who now range in age from 41 to 60. About 69 per cent of boomers still have at least one living parent or parent-in-law and 35 per cent are providing an average of $5,976 and 2,184 hours a year in care to an aging parent. Roughly 60 per cent of boomers are still providing about $3,600 a year in financial support to their children, and ten per cent of boomers who are parents also are providing assistance to their parents.

"Taking care of your parents is nothing new, but we are definitely seeing its effect on boomers' resources as they approach retirement," says Jane Olshewski, Manager of Financial Life Planning at Investors Group. "With adult children taking longer to become self sufficient and aging parents living longer, today's boomers are headed for the perfect generational storm."

While some care-giving boomers are spending an average of nearly $6,000 a year on their parents, financial support is only one aspect of care that boomers are providing. Other include everyday activities such as companionship, transportation to social events, home maintenance and household chores, banking and investment or financial decision-making activities, and ensuring their health care needs are met.
On the other side, 40 per cent of boomers are still paying for their children's post-secondary education. Seventy per cent of boomers have children 19 or older still living at home and burn up mileage on the family vehicle helping them, and twenty per cent of boomers have an adult child living at home who makes no contributions to the household.

All this responsibility can add to up to lots of money, time and, in some cases, stress. Oddly, only nine per cent of boomer caregivers said their financial commitment to their parents was a source of stress. Nearly half actually said it makes them feel good to provide this support and makes them feel like they are repaying their parents for the time and effort they put into their upbringing.
Instead, the stress was created more by the demands placed on the caregiver's time and emotional resources.

Sixty-two per cent of caregivers believe that their parents expect this type of assistance. Slightly more than half say their parents' emotional demands are a source of stress and 40 per cent say demands on their time are a source of stress.
"Boomers don't mind making these sacrifices, but many people may not be prepared for the volume or the emotional weight of these responsibilities, says Olshewski.”It's important to try for a sense of balance so that you're not sacrificing your own priorities in the long term."
John Scholl B. Mathematics, CGA,
Consultant - Investors Group Financial Services Inc.
200 - 24 Queen Street East,
Brampton, Ontario L6V 1A3
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I strive to continually improve my wealth management practice to be worthy of the referrals received. I build my business one introduction at a time, and would consider it a great compliment to be introduced to one of your business associates, friends or family.

In addition to the above, my opinion.

We have all seen the television commercial that coined the phrase "Help! Help! I've fallen and can't get up" and the elderly woman reaches for a lifeline necklace to alert an ambulance. The reality is, that we have always deferred our decisions to the greater wisdom that our parents possessed.

There will come a time, or it is already here, that requires you to deal with some direct and vital issues regarding your aging parents.

In my personal life, I remember talking to my parents about downsizing. It's not easy. Emotions begin to take over reality. Read my article at

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