Monday, March 3, 2014

I Haven't Quit, YET!!!!

With 2 months into the New Year of 2014, I haven't quit my journey towards good health!  How many times have you heard, "Strong is the new skinny"?  Do you really care?  Do you care more about being 'skinny' than about being 'strong'?  If you're getting strong, you are getting leaner and more fit - healthier.  The mind is a beautiful thing...if you're getting leaner it says, "Hey, Betty, you're getting thinner and you look a little younger".  And I do laugh at this because I haven't noticed much of a change, yet!

I have never liked the compliments that I get, when mentioning that I am looking thinner.  (These coming from those at the gym)  I don't care.  In my mind, I know how I look and depending on who says it, I take it with a grain of salt.  I am one who is very hard on myself.  The people that I care about and those who have taken a piece of my heart are the ones that do not notice changes (or are smart enough not to say anything because they have seen my reaction).  And I believe that's because they didn't notice, or didn't comment on, when my body image started to change a good 8 years ago.  So if they don't notice....(and I'm not going to finish the sentence)

I have been on diets all my life and then I joined a gym.  If you have read my last 2 Blogs, then you will know that I worked at 'getting fit' on my own for a while.  I was not one who enjoyed Strength and ResistanceTraining.  I am now doing more of this and have noticed that, yes, my muscles ache after ALMOST each session.  My daughter is the one that mentioned to me:  Mom, if you're not sweating just a little bit or if you do not feel that you are working out, then you MUST increase the weights.  My Trainer is a believer somewhat in what she says.  He is adamant that your form and technique are #1 in achieving the most notable changes in health benefits.  He chooses my weights that work for me.  He makes me lift heavy enough to put forth that same effort on successive days.  Yup, there are days where I am a little sore and then I cannot match that same weight on another day. 

Studies have shown that once you achieve decent nutritional habits, then the next item on your list should not be to jump on the treadmill for long sessions, but to pick up the barbell.  Remember one thing...if you are going to work strength training then make sure you get a good Personal Trainer, one who knows what he/she is doing, before you injure yourself and all that work that you put in is for naught. 

Dieting will reduce that number on the scales, but if you are looking to have a leaner, muscular look...then Strength training is a must

I have been very fortunate to have a Personal Trainer that actually is passionate about what he does.  And, he actually knows what's going on.  I know I frustrate him at times and I will 'negotiate', or at least try to, to lessen the workout.  My famous sentence, 'FIND ME SOMETHING ELSE TO DO"!  But, after these months of working together he has learned not to let me get away with too much.  The fluttering of the eye lashes and the complaint that I am 'too old to do this' is not working any more.

Maybe next time you see me, you may think that my image has changed.  Please, don't say anything to me about how I look.  I just walk away because I have a lot farther to go before I will allow myself to accept the compliment.  If you see me at Life Time Gym at Hwy 403 and Winston Churchill, and you recognize me, come on over and say hello.  I can introduce you to my Personal Trainer, Alwin Mascoll.  Perhaps you will even consider taking a few Training Sessions with him.  Your decision!

My energy levels have increased to get my work done.  I still have a little bit of a stubborn streak in me (ask my Trainer) but I don't think that will ever go away.

 I wish all of you luck in this voyage.  It's not easy.  But if I can persevere, so can you.  Just don't give up if you don't get immediate results.

This is just for something different - I am not just a Realtor.  But now, I'm a much happier Realtor.

Until next month

Betty Bart