Monday, November 30, 2009

The Value of a Realtor, Mississauga

Did you participate in the Real Estate Market this year? Did you sell a house that no longer met your needs and purchase a home that was more conducive to your lifestyle? If you are one of the thousands that did one or the other, or both, chances are you used the professional services of a realtor.

It may seem that a realtor does very little. Maybe, the access to the MLS system was part of the reason you decided to work with a realtor. We, as realtors use the MLS system, but it is just one of the tools that we have at our fingertips to offer, and provide, you with professional services.

We can access the Muncipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) to provide you with invaluable information regarding taxes on individual properties ownership histories and lot size specifics.

We also use Teranet's GeoWarehouse where we can retrieve even more informaion to use in your decision-making process. For example: streetscape imagery, mapped neighbourhood sales, and average local incomes.

If you are considering a newly constructed home we, as realtors, can access RealNet. This is Canada's database of new home listings. This site includes current records updated on a monthly basis. This database can be conducted by housing type, location, price range and number of bedrooms. It can produce builder names, lot sizes, condo fees, and availabitliy of units.

Your realtor can advise you on government programs that will save you some money. For example: Home Renovation Tax Credit, the EnerGuide for Houses Retrofit Grant.

We can provide you with contact names for financial information. Mortgage specialists that will allow you to apply for a mortgage, and give you information as to whether you can afford a home, or perhaps not at this time.

We can advise first-time homebuyers of programs available to make that first purchase.

We search through huge amounts of paperwork to provide you with information on important issues such as property taxes, HST, land transfer tax, closing costs on both buying and selling a home, etc.

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Quality Over Quantity As A Real Estate Agent

I have always enjoyed quality over quantity in all aspects of my life. Give me 1 great movie to enjoy instead of 10 so/so movies. The same goes for service that is provided to me and that includes real estate service. I have been a buyer and a seller in my "before I became an agent" days. I hope I have given the quality kind in my "now I'm an agent days".

Don't get me wrong; mistakes are made, deals do not close, and there are many cracks in the details that can (and do) slip through. A real estate transaction requires careful explanations and understanding, a watchful eye to check the files and massive communication to keep tabs on everything that is produced and the participants. We, as agents, are constantly working with different (sometimes opposite) personalities. I have always felt, and stated, that I have done my job if the seller feels he/she sold for too low and/or if the buyer feels that he/she paid a little too high. I believe that both sides win if each agent feels that they did more than their fair share of work and no one reminds anyone how great they are and why!!!

Very few buyers and sellers in real estate care how many homes an agent has sold in the last year or in the last decade. I believe that sellers care about THEIR sale. What you did as an agent in the past, is history.

Our job as Realtors is about THE CUSTOMER, the quality of service provided, and the handling of each and every separate transaction with integrity and professionalism. Some of us have forgotten this.

This is strictly my opinion. Some Realtors will disagree. That's okay.

The above is a comment by:

Betty Bartusevicius, Sales Representative
RE/MAX Realty Specialists Inc., Brokerage
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Thursday, November 5, 2009

October Market Watch Mississauga Real Estate


In a clear sign that the housing market has shifted into recovery mode, residential housing sales in Canada’s major markets has reported record sales in the past few months. Toronto and Vancouver led the charge with sales among the highest in history for both local real estate boards.

Michael Polzler, Executive Vice President, RE/MAX Ontario-Atlantic Canada, has stated that “Canadians believe in homeownership — a fact best illustrated by the purchasers who ventured forward in recent months and snapped up some of the best real estate deals this market has seen in years. Those who chose to sit it out on the sidelines are now facing a market in transition, characterized by the threat of rising interest rates, low inventory levels, and upward pressure on housing values.”

Overall, major markets began to recover in March. Average prices are holding steady or climbing, days on market are down, and inventory levels continue to tighten, especially at entry-level price points. There is a surge of first-time home buyers back on the market and this has created great conditions for a 'move up" market.

Once again, I apologize to my buyers. You have competed in multiple offers, lost, and then eventually we have won. Those that we lost, I could not justify their prices. Those that moved quickly should be in their new homes very soon. Those of you who have decided to wait, are now looking at a continuing shortage of inventory. I will help. I will persevere and continue to do my job. It's been an exciting year. I am still able to get you into your home before the end of the year so that 2010 is truly a NEW YEAR.

If you need my help, contact me directly at 416.427.1875. Email me anytime at Know someone who is thinking of making a move? Feel free to pass along my information. My testimonials say it all.

Let's pull out our coats and let's get together to look at homes. Remember, I have a key to all homes listed for sale.