Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Quality Over Quantity As A Real Estate Agent

I have always enjoyed quality over quantity in all aspects of my life. Give me 1 great movie to enjoy instead of 10 so/so movies. The same goes for service that is provided to me and that includes real estate service. I have been a buyer and a seller in my "before I became an agent" days. I hope I have given the quality kind in my "now I'm an agent days".

Don't get me wrong; mistakes are made, deals do not close, and there are many cracks in the details that can (and do) slip through. A real estate transaction requires careful explanations and understanding, a watchful eye to check the files and massive communication to keep tabs on everything that is produced and the participants. We, as agents, are constantly working with different (sometimes opposite) personalities. I have always felt, and stated, that I have done my job if the seller feels he/she sold for too low and/or if the buyer feels that he/she paid a little too high. I believe that both sides win if each agent feels that they did more than their fair share of work and no one reminds anyone how great they are and why!!!

Very few buyers and sellers in real estate care how many homes an agent has sold in the last year or in the last decade. I believe that sellers care about THEIR sale. What you did as an agent in the past, is history.

Our job as Realtors is about THE CUSTOMER, the quality of service provided, and the handling of each and every separate transaction with integrity and professionalism. Some of us have forgotten this.

This is strictly my opinion. Some Realtors will disagree. That's okay.

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Elegant Homes in West Toronto said...

I could not have said that better myself.
Clients do not realise they are dealing with a junior, generally inexperienced realtor when they are working with a "team".

Yes the team sells plenty of houses but really lacks the personal touch that you provide in Mississauga.

Marketing with more newspaper ads is like sending smoke signals, It was effective before. Now we need to embrace new ways to contact our prospects and create relationships on line.


Thank you,
David Pylyp
Living in Toronto