Monday, May 9, 2016

There Is A Light At The End Of My Tunnel

Almost 3 years ago, I began a journey towards improving my health and fitness.  It has been a long process, but I have started to see the light at the end of the LONG tunnel.  I sat back the other evening and read through the blogs that I was writing when I started.  There was always changes happening.  I learned a lot...both about technique to use while I work out and also the importance of the balance between workout and diet. 

What have I learned?  Fitness is not one-size-fits-all.  Everybody has a different level and ability to accomplish some sort of exercise.  Do what you like and what makes you laugh and smile while you are doing it.  Don't let anyone shame your choices.  I have never cared what the person beside is lifting/running etc.  I changed because I developed a "lifestyle" change.  You don't have to belong to a 'boutique' gym.  It doesn't matter where you sweat as long as you put the work into it.  We all feel better, and feel we accomplished more, when we finish a workout and sweat is glistening on our bodies.  Well, I have learned that it's the intensity of the exercise that determines a good workout.  Not everyone is an expert.  There are many who think that they are fitness and nutrition experts.  It's YOU who knows his/her body best.  I found the most important part of fitness is to find a form of exercise that is sustainable for a long period of time and that I enjoy.  You HAVE to have fun doing this.

I have watched many at Life Time Athletic achieve many changes in their fitness levels.  I have decreased the number of days I go to the gym...under the advice of my Personal Trainer, I take one day off.  I do enjoy a game of squash and have had the pleasure of meeting some wonderful people to join me on the courts. 

Yes, I am still with the same Personal Trainer.  He has helped me become a stronger person and will NOT allow me to think about failure at anything that I attempt.  The first few times with a new exercise may not be perfect, but with his guidance I find that I conquer all that is put in front of me.  This leads straight into my business, too. 

A year ago, I added golf to my agenda.  I found a wonderful coach who has reminded me why I enjoyed the game a few years ago and why it still frustrates me at the same time.  Thank you, Matthew Kane, for that lovely smile and your kind encouragement.  Matthew's calmness and kind words always help me relax.  Amazing what you can accomplish when you hear a kind word and a gentle attitude.

I decided to do a little writing today even though there is a month left before I hit the 3 Year mark of my journey.  I am humbled by those who have helped me along the way.  Those include the Trainers at Life Time Athletic who have encouraged me not to give up and those couple of members who have done the same.  Thank you to the Trainers that have made me laugh.  Thank you in particular to one member, Jasveen, who has listened and supported me during those days and times when the process seemed to be getting to me.  The only person who cares and is there with that shoulder that I need.

I continue to wish all of you luck with your journey.  It certainly has not been as easy as everyone thinks it is.  But, if I can persevere, so can you!!!  DON'T GIVE UP!!!!  No more excuses!!!  If you truly want to change how you look and how you feel, then do something...anything.  Don't take on more than you can as this can sabotage what you are trying to achieve...hire a Professional Trainer...this is what they do!  It doesn't matter what other people think how you look, get past it!!!  You will be smiling and enjoying yourself before you know it!  I still try to blend into the woodwork and not stand out in the crowd.  But this is MY choice.  I still feel I look like an Oompa Loompa when I walk through the gym.  But now I can say, "So what!  At least I am here trying to make my lifestyle different".

This is just for something different.  I am not just a Realtor!

Until next time

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