Thursday, March 28, 2013

Freedom 55 Retirement Living

When you hear the word ‘retirement’, what’s the first thing that comes to mind?  A frail person, with an oxygen tank attached to them and living in a residence with constant care with nothing to do but to watch birds fly and the sun come up and then set at the end of the day!

I’m very happy to say that things have changed.  Now, instead of sitting back and watching grass grow, more of us want to use the extra time, energy, and the extra cash that we have received from the sale of our properties.  We want to travel, which is one of the things that is on everyone’s bucket list!

Today, retirees want a home where they can travel from and entertain in.  Health issues are still there but most of us stay fit longer and have access to better medical care than, let’s say, our parents.

Is there a ‘perfect’ Retirement Home?  Probably not.  It becomes perfect when it meets the requirements of aging and changing needs.

When you decide to move to a smaller home or a retirement community, there are many advantages – smaller homes translate to lower costs and less maintenance; and retirement communities ensure your neighbours are of the same generation and have made the same lifestyle decision as yourself.

Staying in your current home is more economical if your mortgage is paid off.  If you still have a mortgage, you’ll need to figure out if your retirement income will be high enough for you to continue the payments.  You should evaluate whether it meets your physical needs.  If it needs remodeling, do you really want to undertake these projects?

You have many choices if you decide to move:

Perhaps a condominium or an apartment is your future.  The condo lifestyle has been a favorite by empty nesters for a long time.  They vary in size and price and have all the facilities that you would want or need.  Perhaps you would like a peace and quiet of waterfront living or even living in the countryside.  Condo life has advantages – short on maintenance, long on amenities, offer more opportunity to socialize.  They are much more affordable and a great way to still own property and downsize at the same time.

How about a Bungalow?  You have the opportunity to own a house with a yard, minimal maintenance, smaller, and everything is on one level!

In this day and age, retirement communities are resort-like.  You have the best of both worlds.  You have condo type living and then you have assistance if you need it.  For example, when you first move in you may not need care and supervision.  But, as time passes, your needs change and these communities have been set up to change with these needs for you.

Giving up a home where you have lived for many years is frightening.  It is emotionally and mentally draining.  It is better to start to plan for this move so that you can make the decision yourself instead of having someone else make the decision for you and you end up where you don’t want to be.

Moving is overwhelming and stressful – especially emotionally.  Once you’ve decided that you’re ready, talk to someone about your options.  The best contact would be to an Accredited Senior Agent (ASA) who has the patience and team behind them for discussions factors that you need to consider:  the daily lifestyle you are looking for; proximity to children or family; type of climate you would like to enjoy; health and medical needs.  After these points are addressed, now we can proceed a little further - what is your budget – this is important.  If you have been careful with your finances you should have enough funds to cover the monthly expenses for a retirement home of your choice.

I have my ASA accreditation and am ready to start to chat about YOUR needs and wants.  I can provide a free estimate ofthe value of your current home and give you information about the type of property will best suit your retirement lifestyle.  Freedom 55 is within your reach.  Call me, Betty, at 416 427 1875.  My team is ready to get things started.
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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

What's Your Future Lifestyle?

You have finally decided that you want your own home.  It's a dream that many have as home ownership is very high on the list of "Things I Would Like".  Planning for this right from the first step will help in the process.  And, before you know it, it WILL become a realty.

After you, and your Realtor, have done the preliminary work - finances are in order, planning process to determine your 'dream' home - you are finally able to start the finding/buying process.

What Is Your Future Lifestyle?

How many bedrooms do you require?  How long are you planning to stay in this home?  You might only need 2 bedrooms now, but if you are considering a family, perhaps your first home should have at least 3 bedrooms.  If you are a season buyer and are looking to make a move with small children, mainly because of school preference, will this home be large enough for you or do you need something larger?  Will your budget allow it?  Do you need something larger?  What is the commute time?  Do you want to drive or use public transportation?  Is there a chance that you might be transferred? 

Do You Prefer a Maintenance Averse Lifestyle?

Do you prefer brick/stucco over a wood/siding home?  One type needs maintenance every few years while the other is relatively 'maintenance free'.  What about the garden?  Do you like, or even have time, to garden?  Perhaps you should be looking at smaller yards?

What about the 'fixer-upper' home?  You find a home in the perfect neighbourhood that is well below what you would expect to pay for a home in that particular neighbourhood and think: "It just needs a coat of paint,  new flooring, few repairs and I have the perfect home".

Think again.  No home is perfect.  And, if it's priced that far below market value in the neighbourhood, perhaps you should take a more intensive look at what needs to be done.  Do you want to do this yourself or are you going to hire someone to do the work for you?  Can you afford to do the work?  I remember when we did our renovations, the minute we took one wall down we found many problems and the cost was always more than you first estimated.

Always connect with a Realtor, and I hope it's me, to find out the values and what has been going on in that neighbourhood in the last few years. 

Feel free to contact me directly by calling or texting me at 416 427 1875.  Check out my web site at and sign yourself up in the Home Match system to see if there's something there that you might like to see.  Let's chat!

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

March 18 Betty's Pics Of The Week Lorne Park

Prestigious Lorne Park is located east of Clarkson, south of Erindale, west of Port Credit and the Credit River, and north of Lake Ontario. The area is noted as mainly residential. 

My web site is a sought after resource for the weekly postings of available Lorne Park properties.  By accessing Betty's Pic of the Week and signing up for the instantly downloadable report, you can receive up to date information of some of the homes that are available in this elegant community.

Here is a list of Homes for Sale in the Lorne Park Community of Mississauga.   I will be updating this list on a regular basis, so please feel free to come back several times and see what's new.

Click here to view properties of interest.

Contact me directly at 416 427 1875 at your convenience for more information and more information on living in Mississauga…either freehold or condominium.

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