Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Well, folks!  It's that time of year once again.  Summer 2017, such as it was, is coming to an end and we can get back to our regular routines that we put on the back burner while we enjoy summer vacations and backyard BBQ's, and patio parties.  As I drive around I see High School grads walking around smiling.  Their future is right in front of them and the doors are starting to open up.  I often wonder where are they going?
These young adults worked so hard for four/five years for this special moment.  We, as parents, must now let them fly.  We've instilled about as much knowledge about the world that we could.  Now, it's up to them.  If we could, we would like to have you closer to home so that if there is something we would help with, we don't have far to go.  But if they're too close, we won't let them 'figure' it out on their own.  If you decide to go further away from home for work or studies, open your wings and fly.  Know that you are loved and thought of every minute of every day.

These young people are the future. They are the ones that are willing to take chances. They are the ones that will be heads of companies and leaders of the world. As I look at them, I wonder - when did I get older.

I remember my daughter and son finishing elementary school. Then four years of secondary just flew by. It was like yesterday when I dropped my daughter off for first year university. The dorm room was 'cozy'. She had the basic necessities. She needed no more. She would tell me about the Friday nite movie nights - she was the only one in her quad with a small tv. Someone would bring the popcorn. Someone would bring the 'refreshments'. What a great group of co-ed roomies she had.  This is something I am now passing on to those who are getting ready to leave their nest.  My son stayed closer to home and commuted to University.

So, CONGRATULATIONS, to all who have passed through the hallowed halls of their post-secondary institutions. May I wish all of you the strength to face what is yet to come! Know that you have the support of your families to continue your journey. You can depend on the friendships that you have developed in these few short years.

Betty Bartusevicius
416 427 1875