Thursday, June 26, 2014

My Journey Continues

I am late, again, in reporting on my journey towards Physical Fitness.  I haven’t been writing about it, but I have continued to go to the gym 5 days a week and STILL working out as best as I can.   Some days have been more difficult than others, but a little push and support from many of my friends, I get to the gym.  That’s a big step.  Once you’re there, well, you might as well work out.  Right?  At least that's what I tell myself!

I can’t believe that it’s been a year already!  That’s a year of working out with my Personal Trainer.  Actually, it was a year at the beginning of June.  What changes have I noticed?  Well, there’s a whole list.  First though, I would like to thank Alwin for sticking with me and helping me to keep going.  Has it been easy?  By no means.  Has it been worth it?  Absolutely.  There’s still a ways to go.  There has been some ‘sailor’ type language, some tears, and a lot of frustration on my part.  I guess the frustration is that at times I feel that I have disappointed my Trainer, and myself a little bit.  Alwin is very supportive and tries to push the boundaries but my stubborn streak in me has prevailed.  I have even managed to get Alwin angry a couple of times.  YUP!!!  The young man that has been nothing but kind I have managed to frustrate.  (Alwin, I truly am sorry for those days).

I have learned what exercises do the most good for me and which are just a fad.  I have a lot of fun most days, and I truly enjoy working out.  I think that this is extremely important.  If you can’t have a little bit of fun and enjoy it, you won’t stay with the workout.  For me, routine is very important.  I can give myself an hour early enough in the morning where it doesn’t interrupt any work for my clients.  I put in my ear plugs for my iPod and away I go.  Except on the days when I have a trainer, then it’s thinking cap on…ears on alert….and I display as many listening skills that I can muster up.  I continue to have a lot of questions.

I have learned that free weights, or resistance training, is the routine that has worked best for me.  It challenges my muscular endurance and builds tone, proper from, posture, and coordination.  Now, the next step, to look a little leaner, I have to increase the weight (which I have done) to push my muscles to failure under heavier loads (which I have also done).

How important is this journey?  Well, for me…it’s no longer tedious, but it has become a way of life.  There have been a few times that I don’t last an hour, but even getting there for 45 minutes is still more than most of us accomplish.  I have allowed myself some ‘me’ time.  That was huge.  I still am not comfortable exposing myself and my emotions but I am working on that.  I still shy away from compliments and feel like an oompa loompa many days.  I still shy away from a camera and just want to blend in with my surroundings.  Compliments are very difficult for me to accept.  I am able to walk up the stairs with clients without huffing and puffing.  I don’t get tired as quickly. I think my mental sharpness is much better.

I will continue to work at this, but I will not be posting on a regular basis.  It will become a small note that I write about when there is a significant change.  Yes, I have stalled, or reached a plateau as some may say, and am trying to find something that will trigger the next progression.

If you see me at Life Time Athletics in Mississauga, feel free to say ‘hello’.  If I’m working out, I will apologize in advance for not stopping.  I will nod and give you a smile.  You will have to be patient and wait until I’m done the exercise I am doing.  I would love to hear your story and how you are doing.  I see a lot of successful journeys in that gym.   

I continue to wish all of you luck with your journey.  It certainly has not been as easy as everyone thinks it is.  But, if I can persevere, so can you.  Don’t give up!!!  I haven’t.  Congratulations to those who have achieved a change…and it doesn’t matter how much.

Again, this is just for something different.  I’m not just a Realtor but I enjoy life outside my job.

Until next time…let’s see what results I can tell you about.

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