Friday, March 25, 2011

Condo Living at 3600 Morning Star, Mississauga

Welcome to condo living in Malton. Absolutely stunning. A clean complex in a great family-oriented area. Great location near all amenities: school, park, public transit, community centre, shops, recreation centre, and Highways 427/401. Gorgeous end unit - like a semi. Pleasure to show!

Lower Maintenance Fees. A great beginning. Start here in a quiet and established neighbourhood.

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Closing A Real Estate Deal

Closing a Real Estate deal, these days, is not an easy task. I have been working with clients for a few months now, and we finally found the perfect home. It started in that neighbourhood, we ventured from it, and then we came back.

You may ask, why we ventured, well because the borders for the school were changed, and then changed back after discussions between parents and the school board. This just proves that parents that get involved with their children(s) education can get things done. I kept on top of this information because it was important to my clients.

Now, back to the main story. After about a week of negotiating, we had a deal. There didn't seem to be anything "wrong" with the home. It was only 10 years old. There was a condition of Home Inspection in the Agreement of Purchase and Sale. Now, there is a reason for home inspections. As Realtors, we know what a home inspector will see and what he cannot see. (He is not Mike Holmes because if he takes it apart he will not come back with a crew to correct the problem). The inspector was quite thorough. He did find a few deficiencies in the home. (I have yet to have a home inspection to be performed and NO deficiencies found irregardless of how small. This is true of brand new homes, also)

Well, as you know, the buyers were a little nervous about 2 of the 'problem' areas. Because of these areas, I realized why this home had not sold for such a long time. The Sellers were not going to fix anything. You take the home for the agreed-to price or they will sell it to the next buyer. My buyers truly liked the home but they felt that they were being pressured by the sellers. After a long discussion with my buyers over a period of 2 days, I began my search for someone to assist me making some of the repairs. Of course, I was going to pick up the tab. The deadline for the conditions was coming up.

Fortunately, the repairs that I was going to 'help' with could be estimated from the outside and we did not have to disrupt the lives of the sellers. Two of the contractors came in with very high prices. The best that they could do, but still quite high. Then, on the final day, I had Jason come and take a look. Jason was recommended to me by a colleague of mine. Jason and his father were doing work on another street. Jason, of Green City Windows, was very accommodating and met me very quickly. He provided me with 3 different options for making the repairs AND he gave me a great (and extremely reasonable) price.

We shook hands. I called Mr. Buyer and told him the good news. "I will take care of the 2 issues". He was very excited and told me to come over and he would sign the Waivers.

As a Realtor, I was happy to provide this service to my buyers. When I know that a home and buyer match, I do my utmost to make the deal come together. I had a few sleepless nights worrying on how to help my buyers, but in the end it proves that my perseverance paid off.

I would like to thank Jason Aguiar for his help in closing the deal. If you would like his telephone number or his email address, feel free to contact me directly at 416 427 1875 or email me at I will highly recommend his company. I'm sure his services could be used by stagers as well.

This is what I do for my "Clients". If you have any questions regarding the difference between a 'client' and a 'customer', I can provide that information to you. If you do not want to sign a Buyer Representation Agreement with me, then you will not benefit from the services I provide.

Let me know how I can help YOU!

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Monday, March 7, 2011

Save On Taxes

Well, it's Tax Season once again. We all get nervous. Deadlines come and when that last calculation is made, we get upset because we forgot to make contributions to save ourselves some money.

Thanks to John Scholl there is a way to achieve our retirement and other financial goals. John provides financial advise and articles for your information.

Read on and give me your comments:

Uh, oh – you somehow missed the March 1 deadline for RRSP contributions on your 2010 tax return. What to do now to save on taxes and help achieve your retirement and other financial goals? Easy – TFSA yourself. There’s no deadline with a Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA), it’s a great place to invest your anticipated tax refund, and it’s a tremendously flexible way to achieve tax-free savings growth.

Here’s how it works:
- With TFSA eligible investments, you put your money in and you get your money out at any time for any purpose, tax-free. You can invest in your TFSA eligible investments any time you want, up to your maximum contribution level.
• The current maximum TFSA contribution is $5,000 per person, per year. This means that beginning on January 1, 2011, you were able to contribute another $5,000 to your
investments held within a TFSA in addition to any amounts carried forward from your 2010 limit and any withdrawals made in 2010
• You can make a gift to your spouse to make a TFSA contribution and transfer your TFSA assets to your spouse upon death.
• With investments held within a RRSP, you get a tax deduction for your contributions but all withdrawals are taxable. With TFSA - eligible investments, there is no tax deduction for your contributions but you do not pay tax on investment growth or withdrawals. All TFSA investment earnings are totally tax-free and will not trigger claw backs on federal tax credits or benefits programs such as the Guaranteed Income Supplement, Old Age Security Benefits, Age Credit, GST Tax Credit or Canada Child Tax Benefit.
• There are no age restrictions on a TFSA and there is no limit on how much contribution room you can carry forward – fill it up any time you want. TFSAs – can’t touch this!!! Well, actually you can and that’s what makes TFSAs such a flexible investment choice:
• Say you need $15,000 for a down payment on a vacation property. Just make a $15,000 tax-free withdrawal from your TFSA eligible investments.
• You can re-contribute the $15,000 after January 1 of the year following the withdrawal without affecting your other eligible contribution room.
• If you had taken that $15,000 out of your RRSP eligible investments, you would have needed to withdraw up to $27,800 to pay taxes (assuming a 46 per cent marginal rate) and come up with the $15,000 needed for your down payment – and you would have lost that RRSP contribution room.

Deadlines, schmedlines – a TFSA can work for you any time of the year. Ask your professional advisor about how to maximize your TFSA … and all your other investment strategies.

Well, any questions? Call a Financial Expert. Call John Scholl. His contact information is listed below.

John Scholl, CLU (Chartered Life Underwriter),CGA, B. Mathematics, Financial Consultant - Investors Group Financial Services Inc.
& Investors Group Insurances Services Inc.
Wealth Management & Financial Planning
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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Avoid Uncontrolable Debt

This article should be useful to many of us. Thank you to Kristian Harris of Monster Mortgage for this information.

How many credit card offers do you think you received in the mail this past month? Each one is a new opportunity to get farther into debt, hand over HUGE interest payments, and never get any closer to financial security. Just take a look at this article by Rob Carrick in the Globe and Mail.

Here are six facts that can help you avoid uncontrollable debt!

FACT ONE: Debt is out of control!

The next time you’re flattered by a PRE-APPROVED card you receive in the mail, stop and think who’s benefiting when you use it. Do you really need another way to spend money you haven’t yet earned? NO!!! The next time you’re offered a new credit card, just say NO. And say YES to directing more of that money you would have paid paying double digit interest towards paying down your mortgage!!

FACT TWO: Fine print is small because they don’t want you to read it.

It’s called “fine” print because it makes credit card companies feel “fine”, and it’s like paying a “fine” for not reading the details. If an offer sounds too good to be true, get out your magnifying glass and you’ll usually find the painful truth in the fine print.

FACT THREE: The loan with the term that stretches into infinity.

Credit cards are open-ended or revolving loans with obscene interest rates. And what’s worse, they encourage you to make minimum payments that are so low, they barely cover the interest charges.

FACT FOUR: It’s called “minimum” payment for a reason.

Minimum payments are deliberately set so low, they’re virtually the same as “interest only” payments. Making smaller payments isn’t going to get you out of debt faster. What you need is a financial strategy that will free up enough cash to make bigger payments so you can get out of debt once and for all.

FACT FIVE: A fee for every occasion.

When you’re shopping for a credit card, maybe you’re just considering the interest rate and annual fee. But if you check the “summary box” on your contract, you may find a list of EXTRA FEES that can make your low-rate, no-annual-fee card much more expensive.

FACT SIX: Surprise! We just increased your interest rate!

Credit card companies now have to give advance disclosure of interest rate increases, even if this information is already in the credit contract—so it’s important to pay attention to the notices they send you. Some cards will automatically raise your interest rate if you’re late with a payment or have too much outstanding debt on ANY of your credit cards or loans.

Posted by Roy Cocciollo of Monster Mortgage Take steps to free yourself from debt addiction today and to become mortgage free faster!

The first step is to talk to a professional, like your mortgage agent to review your personal financial situation and review your credit with an annual credit check-up. Yearly reviews like these are beneficial in assessing your beacon score (used to determine your credit rating/score) and aid you in maintaining or improving your credit, especially when it comes time to purchase a home and to qualify for the best mortgage rates and offers out there.

There are also other options available to you, such as refinancing your home to consolidate your high-interest debts by accessing the equity from your home and adding that debt to your mortgage, all while paying a much lower interest rate. With refinancing, you can pay less bills monthly and avoid 18% credit card interest rates.

Now, if you would like to discuss any of the above article, let me set it up for you. There are so many options to protect your financial future and also to help you buy a home.

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