Tuesday, February 27, 2018

My goodness, how time flies!!  What a year, 2017, was for me!  So much going on and my blogs got pushed to the side.

The greatest news was that my son got married.  There was so much to prepare and this young couple took it upon themselves to do most of the work.  I thank them for that.  It sure was a lesson to them on what goes into the preparations.  Of course, my husband and I were there to help in all aspects but only when asked.  It went off without a hitch!  Or at least, nothing anyone noticed.  Beautiful ceremony, beautiful couple.  Now, they have started their new adventure together.  There are so many great things for them to experience.  Love them both and wishing them a lifetime of happiness.

I started out the year getting my husband to finally agree that it was time for us to downsize.  We never really had a huge home but it was enough for us.  The yard work was getting tedious as my husband loves to golf as much as he can and I work most weekends.  I have to admit, I was tired of climbing stairs.  We started by de-cluttering and what a task that became.  We cleaned it up and made sure the home was in tip top shape to get on the market.  We were very fortunate that we sold very quickly (such was the market last year before March 2017).  Then came the real work.  De-cluttering is not as easy as everyone
thinks it is.  We had been in that home for almost 30 years.  All our memories were there and boxes and boxes of 'stuff' that we were hanging on to for our kids.  We started one room at a time and donated/sold/threw out what we couldn't sell and donate.  The house got emptier by the week and when we finally found our future home we were able to start to bring what we were going to keep to the new place. Yes, we found a place to live before the old house closed.

Not having moved in such a long time I was more concerned about my husband adapting to the change.  Yes, we are in a condo.  Beautiful place.  We have everything on one floor and all the rooms that we need.  Size is perfect.  Lots of light.  Beautiful views.  Balcony to enjoy the summer breezes.  All amenities.  My windows get cleaned by someone else.  I just have to do the inside.  I don't have to shovel the driveway.  My car is not cold in the winter mornings.

It didn't take long, but hubby is now adapted to this lifestyle.  We both have said: "We should have done this a few years ago".  I have many clients, and friends, that I can now explain to them how easy this life can be.  Enjoy your life.  Once the kids have left, it is time for us to think a little bit of ourselves. 

This past winter as I drove around and watched older homeowners trying to shovel their driveways, I often wonder why they don't think about moving.  Yes, I still get out and help a few in my travels.      Also, having gone through this process, I can truly appreciate the anxiety many of you feel.  Let me help you alleviate some of the worry.  It's the best experience that I can offer to Buyers and Sellers.

Here I am in my home office (yes, my condo has an office space for me) and look out the window as I write this.  I can't believe it will be a year in another month that I sold the house.  And in April it will be a year that we are in our new home. 

There were a few very sad moments in my life, but everyone has those and I coped with them.  This is a happy blog.  No one can take the memories of 2017 away from me.  Life goes on!

Until next time! 

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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Well, folks!  It's that time of year once again.  Summer 2017, such as it was, is coming to an end and we can get back to our regular routines that we put on the back burner while we enjoy summer vacations and backyard BBQ's, and patio parties.  As I drive around I see High School grads walking around smiling.  Their future is right in front of them and the doors are starting to open up.  I often wonder where are they going?
These young adults worked so hard for four/five years for this special moment.  We, as parents, must now let them fly.  We've instilled about as much knowledge about the world that we could.  Now, it's up to them.  If we could, we would like to have you closer to home so that if there is something we would help with, we don't have far to go.  But if they're too close, we won't let them 'figure' it out on their own.  If you decide to go further away from home for work or studies, open your wings and fly.  Know that you are loved and thought of every minute of every day.

These young people are the future. They are the ones that are willing to take chances. They are the ones that will be heads of companies and leaders of the world. As I look at them, I wonder - when did I get older.

I remember my daughter and son finishing elementary school. Then four years of secondary just flew by. It was like yesterday when I dropped my daughter off for first year university. The dorm room was 'cozy'. She had the basic necessities. She needed no more. She would tell me about the Friday nite movie nights - she was the only one in her quad with a small tv. Someone would bring the popcorn. Someone would bring the 'refreshments'. What a great group of co-ed roomies she had.  This is something I am now passing on to those who are getting ready to leave their nest.  My son stayed closer to home and commuted to University.

So, CONGRATULATIONS, to all who have passed through the hallowed halls of their post-secondary institutions. May I wish all of you the strength to face what is yet to come! Know that you have the support of your families to continue your journey. You can depend on the friendships that you have developed in these few short years.

Betty Bartusevicius
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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Erindale Park in Mississauga

Erindale Park has been enjoyed by many since 1902. 

"The land was flooded and a dam was built to generate hydro electric power. The dam was
subsequently demolished in 1954 and the site was remediated by Ontario Hydro. Following this remediation, the river bed was straightened, widened and relocated to its present location closer to the north-west valley bank. This provided a large flat area which was used as a sanitary landfill between the years of 1961 and 1965.

Erindale Park is the largest park in the City (222.1 acres or 89.88 hectares) and features 5 picnic facility areas, 5 barbecues, 6 comfort stations, 1 playground equipment area, a lookout on the old dam and a toboggan hill. This park also offers walking trails, fishing, canoeing and spectacular views of the Credit River and tall ravines. The park is inviting to bird watchers, photographers and anyone at all who enjoys getting back to nature.

Another aspect of the park is the David J. Culham Trail, a pathway system through a heavily-forested area that provides spectacular views of the Credit River and trail ravines. The trail is particularly breathtaking in autumn, but has a special brand of peace and beauty that manifests itself throughout the year. This trail is perfect for hikers, joggers, cyclists and cross-country skiers. "

The above information was posted on the Mississauga Community pages.  I have lived in Mississauga for 29 years and have just known this park to be a great place to bring my children (as they were growing up) for bike rides and walking the trails.  The surrounding residential neighbourhoods are well known to all -  Sherwood Forrest, Sawmill Valley, Sheridan Homelands, Erin Mills, and Erindale.  These are the ones closest to the park.  Beautiful yards and homes surround Erindale Park boasting to be a family friendly and featuring great schools.

For further information regarding these neighbourhoods, feel free to connect with me at 416 427 1875 or email be at betty@bettybart.com and let's discuss your options.

Your Friendly Neighbourhood Realtor


Monday, May 9, 2016

There Is A Light At The End Of My Tunnel

Almost 3 years ago, I began a journey towards improving my health and fitness.  It has been a long process, but I have started to see the light at the end of the LONG tunnel.  I sat back the other evening and read through the blogs that I was writing when I started.  There was always changes happening.  I learned a lot...both about technique to use while I work out and also the importance of the balance between workout and diet. 

What have I learned?  Fitness is not one-size-fits-all.  Everybody has a different level and ability to accomplish some sort of exercise.  Do what you like and what makes you laugh and smile while you are doing it.  Don't let anyone shame your choices.  I have never cared what the person beside is lifting/running etc.  I changed because I developed a "lifestyle" change.  You don't have to belong to a 'boutique' gym.  It doesn't matter where you sweat as long as you put the work into it.  We all feel better, and feel we accomplished more, when we finish a workout and sweat is glistening on our bodies.  Well, I have learned that it's the intensity of the exercise that determines a good workout.  Not everyone is an expert.  There are many who think that they are fitness and nutrition experts.  It's YOU who knows his/her body best.  I found the most important part of fitness is to find a form of exercise that is sustainable for a long period of time and that I enjoy.  You HAVE to have fun doing this.

I have watched many at Life Time Athletic achieve many changes in their fitness levels.  I have decreased the number of days I go to the gym...under the advice of my Personal Trainer, I take one day off.  I do enjoy a game of squash and have had the pleasure of meeting some wonderful people to join me on the courts. 

Yes, I am still with the same Personal Trainer.  He has helped me become a stronger person and will NOT allow me to think about failure at anything that I attempt.  The first few times with a new exercise may not be perfect, but with his guidance I find that I conquer all that is put in front of me.  This leads straight into my business, too. 

A year ago, I added golf to my agenda.  I found a wonderful coach who has reminded me why I enjoyed the game a few years ago and why it still frustrates me at the same time.  Thank you, Matthew Kane, for that lovely smile and your kind encouragement.  Matthew's calmness and kind words always help me relax.  Amazing what you can accomplish when you hear a kind word and a gentle attitude.

I decided to do a little writing today even though there is a month left before I hit the 3 Year mark of my journey.  I am humbled by those who have helped me along the way.  Those include the Trainers at Life Time Athletic who have encouraged me not to give up and those couple of members who have done the same.  Thank you to the Trainers that have made me laugh.  Thank you in particular to one member, Jasveen, who has listened and supported me during those days and times when the process seemed to be getting to me.  The only person who cares and is there with that shoulder that I need.

I continue to wish all of you luck with your journey.  It certainly has not been as easy as everyone thinks it is.  But, if I can persevere, so can you!!!  DON'T GIVE UP!!!!  No more excuses!!!  If you truly want to change how you look and how you feel, then do something...anything.  Don't take on more than you can as this can sabotage what you are trying to achieve...hire a Professional Trainer...this is what they do!  It doesn't matter what other people think how you look, get past it!!!  You will be smiling and enjoying yourself before you know it!  I still try to blend into the woodwork and not stand out in the crowd.  But this is MY choice.  I still feel I look like an Oompa Loompa when I walk through the gym.  But now I can say, "So what!  At least I am here trying to make my lifestyle different".

This is just for something different.  I am not just a Realtor!

Until next time

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Friday, December 18, 2015

Stepping Stone In My Journey

I have been looking at the transformation pictures of friends and ladies that want to share their journeys with me and reading all the great news about the amount of weight they have lost AND the changes in your bodies that they have noticed.

I am so proud of each and every one of you. My progress did not happen near as quickly as it did for the rest of you. 2 1/2 years later, I am 'almost' at the part of my journey where I can finally smile. I get very frustrated when those around me complain on how fat/big a certain part of their body is. When it truly isn't.  Is it that they just want the attention?  Are they looking for compliments?  Do you honestly feel that you are making me feel better?  I do NOT comment and I try to avoid any sharing of anything that I have done. I am still uncomfortable wearing proper fitting clothes. Yes, I do like loose fitting but it is great to be able to go into a regular store and buy something and it actually fits. I have gone from a size 26 to a size 10...my BMI started at 36.6 and was last read at 25.4 - this was my proudest number.

I have been told that I have motivated a few to start their own journey.  That is my proudest moment.  These ladies are at the point in their lives where I was 2 1/2 years ago.   From these ladies, I get positive reinforcement.  They don't complain that they haven't lost.  We support eachother.   We laugh at the same things about ourselves without making ourselves uncomfortable to what is being said. 

This is something that I had to get off my chest.  Enjoy your journey.  Each and every one of you have to do your own.  Remember, I also have a mental journey and I need support just like you do. 

Until next time


Monday, November 16, 2015

Our Children Grow Up So Quickly

This past weekend my little boy moved out to start a new chapter in his life. 
Gosh, it seems like yesterday he was holding my hand and calling me "mommy".  I remember him telling me that he would live with me forever...of course I knew that was not true.  I packed his suitcase many times over the years, especially during the teen years.

Now, with University complete and working at a steady job for several years it is time to try it on his own.  It was quite the process.  He asked me, his mom the Relator, to give him a hand.  He was surprised at how much time it took.  I guess I was a little fussier than others to find him a place and where he lived...but I treat ALL my clients the same.  He still thought he was more special.

I stayed in the background as much as possible when he was packing his 'things' up.  I gave advice as I have done it a few times.  I was there when he put the last of the stuff in the truck and I was there when he put the key in the door of his new condo.  Am I proud?  You betcha!!!!!

That was this past weekend.  As I walked through his empty rooms today, I remember all the chats we had as I sat at the end of his bed or we sat on the floor
together to talk and laugh.  So many memories.

I have been through this before as my daughter has moved to Calgary 4 years ago.  No one saw the amount of tears that were shed then and the heartache that I felt and once again no one will see these tears and know that my heart aches.  I survived that and I will be okay with this.  Please give me time.  Do I miss him, a big and resounding YES.  He is much closer but it's not the same.

I remember the day I brought this beautiful child into the world and have watched him grow up to be a pretty nice young man.  I am very proud of all his decisions in his life. 

I can't wait to read the book that he's starting now and see where his life leads him.  We, as parents, have to let them spread their wings and test what's out there.  I'm here if he needs a landing page once in a while.  Will I continue to voice my opinion?  Of course.

For all those new parents, this is what you have to look forward to!  It may seem very far away but time and days move a lot faster when you want your children to remain with you forever.  We all love our children but we show our love by letting them go.  I've done all I can!  I've nagged all I can!  I know he knows that I am always there to listen.

Until next time

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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Two Years Into My Journey

Yes, folks...it's been 2 full years of exercise, healthy eating, and positive thoughts.  The exercise has
not been difficult once I set a commitment.  The healthy eating has also been pretty easy.  I can now tell people that I really don't like pasta and sweets.  I don't eat junk or processed food.  Yes, there have been times when this was questioned.  Well, there have been times when I was hungry and I didn't pack something to eat while I worked that I stopped and got a bag of salted peanuts or even a sandwich.  Eating the inside of a sandwich when you drive is kind of tricky to manage so I end up eating the bread.

What has changed in my "Food" side of my changes:
I started eating much smarter.  I have added more protein - including lean meats and fish (something I thought was not necessary and caused weight gain)  I don't focus on calorie counting anymore but I try not to eat 'empty' calories.  My carbs come from vegetables and my sugar comes from fresh fruit.  Do I enjoy a treat once in a while?  A resounding, YES!!!  But it has become extremely limited as I don't want to consume empty calories that will contradict everything that I have done to get rid of them out of my diet.  So when there is a blue moon, I may have a small treat!  LOL  Another BIG one for me was - it is not the number on the scales that matter.  I most certainly have to thank a special someone who has gotten me out of that (he know who he is but does not want to be mentioned).

The positive thoughts are still a work in progress.  We all have 'those' days when we are not happy or we are looking for someone just to let us vent.  I try to be positive most days and it starts with a great morning workout.  That gets all my happy endorphins working full speed.  Monday is the day that sets the tone for the rest of the week.  (Yes, I am quoting my Personal Trainer who reminds me of this often)  If I start out great on Monday, the rest of the week is easy peezie.   When I'm not my 'happy' self...I have learned of a strategy that works for me.  I won't share it because you have to develop your own.

I will share what has become a habit about my exercise routine:
I do go to the gym 7 days a week.  That is my choice.  I have a set program that has been developed with the help of my Personal Trainer and his knowledge how to change things up has been extremely helpful.  Here it is:  elliptical machine, weight training, I play squash (and now I have added tennis thanks to a young lady that has got me playing this), and then my 10,000 steps every day.  Do I do that many steps EVERY day?  No, but on the average it's about 8,500.   When I go to the gym I am there for, at least, an hour.

I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel!  Yes, there it is.  I do know that this will be the most difficult of all.  Once the weight loss has been achieved, I will continue to tone and make sure that the life style that I have chosen is so inbred into my brain that there will be no more going back to the way it was. 

I have learned that weight loss isn't all about dieting or exercise.  It's the combination of both.  I have
been told by a few people that I have met that I have influenced them into starting their own journey.  Remember the first thing is just to start...but getting the advice from a Personal Trainer, a professional who will help you get to a healthy lifestyle.  He/she will see improvements before you do!

Don't give up or be impatient with the process.   This is not an overnight fix!  Also, and most important, you have GOT TO WANT TO DO IT AND TO COMMIT!!!  No one is going to do it for you.  Don't compare yourself to anyone else around you.

I'm almost at the point where I am kind of proud of my accomplishments.  I DID commit and followed (sometimes kicking and screaming and using unladylike words) instruction.  I know I say it often...Thank you to my Personal Trainer.  No, he didn't do the work but he has led the way.  Just an aside - I still will not get my picture taken.  Not yet!!

I continue to wish all of you luck with your journey.  It certainly has not been as easy as everyone thinks it is.  But, if I can persevere, so can you!!!  DON'T GIVE UP!!!!  No more excuses!!!  If you truly want to change how you look and how you feel, then do something...anything.  Don't take on more than you can as this can sabotage what you are trying to achieve...hire a Professional Trainer...this is what they do!  It doesn't matter what other people think how you look, get past it!!!  You will be smiling and enjoying yourself before you know it!  I still try to blend into the woodwork and not stand out in the crowd.  But this is MY choice.

Again, this is just for something different.  I'm not just a Realtor, but I do enjoy life outside my job.

Until next time...

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