Monday, November 16, 2015

Our Children Grow Up So Quickly

This past weekend my little boy moved out to start a new chapter in his life. 
Gosh, it seems like yesterday he was holding my hand and calling me "mommy".  I remember him telling me that he would live with me forever...of course I knew that was not true.  I packed his suitcase many times over the years, especially during the teen years.

Now, with University complete and working at a steady job for several years it is time to try it on his own.  It was quite the process.  He asked me, his mom the Relator, to give him a hand.  He was surprised at how much time it took.  I guess I was a little fussier than others to find him a place and where he lived...but I treat ALL my clients the same.  He still thought he was more special.

I stayed in the background as much as possible when he was packing his 'things' up.  I gave advice as I have done it a few times.  I was there when he put the last of the stuff in the truck and I was there when he put the key in the door of his new condo.  Am I proud?  You betcha!!!!!

That was this past weekend.  As I walked through his empty rooms today, I remember all the chats we had as I sat at the end of his bed or we sat on the floor
together to talk and laugh.  So many memories.

I have been through this before as my daughter has moved to Calgary 4 years ago.  No one saw the amount of tears that were shed then and the heartache that I felt and once again no one will see these tears and know that my heart aches.  I survived that and I will be okay with this.  Please give me time.  Do I miss him, a big and resounding YES.  He is much closer but it's not the same.

I remember the day I brought this beautiful child into the world and have watched him grow up to be a pretty nice young man.  I am very proud of all his decisions in his life. 

I can't wait to read the book that he's starting now and see where his life leads him.  We, as parents, have to let them spread their wings and test what's out there.  I'm here if he needs a landing page once in a while.  Will I continue to voice my opinion?  Of course.

For all those new parents, this is what you have to look forward to!  It may seem very far away but time and days move a lot faster when you want your children to remain with you forever.  We all love our children but we show our love by letting them go.  I've done all I can!  I've nagged all I can!  I know he knows that I am always there to listen.

Until next time

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