Thursday, April 8, 2010

More Internet Traffic Information and A Little Bit of Venting

Every morning I read articles relating to real estate. Anything new? What's interesting? Then I found it! You may not think it's interesting, but I certainly did.

Here is some interesting information:
- 62% of home sellers only interviewed one agent before listing their home
- 19% of home sellers talked to 3 agents before they selected one
- 22% were more interested in determining the list price that would make their home competitive than any other service a listing agent would or could provide
- 1% thought professional designations were important when picking their agent. The other 99% didn't see the value to be of consequence. Board Certified Trial Attorney seems to matter in whether you will going to win in court.

So why would the majority of the public feel that the respresentation they would get from a real estate agent will probably not be improved by his/her education?

We have buyers and sellers that are looking to invest, or have invested, in one of the biggest purchases of their lives. They spend more time looking into insurance policies than they do looking and interviewing real estate agents.

I had 2 interviews for listing appointments in the last couple of days. I thought I had one listing when suddenly, the brakes were put on because half of the couple thought that their property was worth far more than was discussed. When I have to leave a home with one half in tears and the other wanting to think about it, I have to play referee and let it go for a couple of days. The second appointment went well but the sellers questioned the commission and they didn't feel that my education and marketing skills were a factor. I walked away from both sadly. I have not lost hope that I will get these listings.

Buyers shop for homes using the internet. Sellers follow information regarding real estate on the internet. I keep working and trying to please both buyers and sellers. Every day I try to provide information to both buyers and sellers that will be interesting and informative. If there are any questions that I have not answered, let me know and I will get that information for you.

If this sounds like I'm venting a little bit, well, I am. I don't mean to belittle anyone or to point fingers. Read my testimonials at I have tons of patience, I never strong arm anyone, and I produce results. It may take me longer than some agents, but I know that those clients that I have assisted, are pleased with my services.

Take a look at some of my YouTube videos. No matter how much I hate being in front of the camera, I know that someone will see me and possibly consider using my services in either selling their existing house or the purchase of that dream home.

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shopTOism said...

You are so correct in your observations and the article; Realtors have failed to make themselves stand out as individual performers in the Toronto West and Mississauga Real Estate Markets.

The old standard of; I am in the top 5 percent of the 3 percent that matters to the last 20 percent who read the ad.

The time of running a few ads to appease a Vendor are over when they can go and see what other agents are doing online. They are already comparing and asking questions.

Great Article Topic!

David Pylyp