Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Ford Has Angered Oakville

Mayor Burton is furious. Ford is leasing land next to its assembly plant at Royal Windsor Drive and the QEW to TransCanada. This is the company that has been hired to build the MegaWatt Power Generating Station that has everyone up in arms. Throughout the neighbourhoods of Mississauga and Oakville, you will see small white signs asking you to oppose this site. Yes, we, your friendly neighbours in Mississauga South, have been supporting your fight. It doesn't matter that Ford Canada is one of Oakville's biggest employers and taxpayers, Mayor Burton has now commented strongly:

“They’ve stabbed this community in the back. Ford posted $2.7-billion in profit from the car business and they’re betraying the community that has hosted them for 60 years for $50-million in money from TransCanada.”

“Ford is two-tenths of one per cent of the tax revenue of the Town of Oakville. No matter how much their money was, I don’t see how it could justify releasing the toxic fine particulate matter that this would release,” Burton told 680News.

There was a huge rally at Queen's Park on Tuesday March 2nd by about 600 opponents in hopes of urging the government to re-consider the location of the Plant in lieu of the residents concerns about pollution and accidents.

Right now, the government is showing concern, but are not backing down. They are listening. They are still investigating, but at this stage it does not appear that they are moving anything.

If the concerns are about a large smoke stack rising from the ground, welcome to the stack at the Ford plant. We had a coal burning plant at Lakeside. No longer there. We have a nuclear plant at Darlington. Now, we have a clean, natural gas powered plant in Oakville. (Still being disputed) We have come a long way in developing clean air since the building of Darlington. Of course, the wind turbines are ugly. TransCanada has said the setbacks for wind turbines are 550 metres because of the noise they make and the danger they pose if they toppled over. Is this noise any greater than the airplanes passing over elegant Levy Creek in north Mississauga. The gas-fired plants are buffered with materials to keep the noise inside.

It has been said to me, from residents near Darlington, "If you don't want the power generating station, reduce the amount of power consumption in your Town." It was done anonymously, so please don't ask me to tell you who said this. Technology is rampant. We all want the newest and best and fastest technical instruments. These all need charging up and power usage. All our appliances for day to day living need power. We have growth, both residential and business, and Oakville has been a requested destination.

Oakville MPP Kevin Flynn said, "he will introduce a private members' bill next Tuesday (March 9th), saying any such plant should not be within 1.2 kilometres of homes and schools," written in the Toronto Star this morning (March 3rd). I also understand that the Town of Oakville will be looking at the milligram expulsion by this plant and presenting the results to the government.

This article does not in any way mean that I am NOT concerned about this plant. All I can do is provide you with updates on what is being said and the proposals by all parties. Let's keep this line of communication open.
A concerned citizen.
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