Monday, December 13, 2010

Skate In A Park

Just a reminder from the City of Toronto: Jim Melvin, PMA Architects, that this skating park is now open for business.

It is Toronto's first skating trail at Colonel Sam Smith Park at the bottom of Kipling that is totally dedicated to leisure skating. A 250 - metre figure - eight loop runs through parkland that has been planted with native trees that will eventually grow to provide a natural environment.

The Trail features:

- the power hosue containing indoor change facility and washrooms.
- a small skating circle for beginners
- a 250-metre loop of artificial ice
- a small pond to filter water runoff from snow and rain and serve as a naturalized wet land to attract birds, turtles and frogs
- lighting system throughout trail with speakers for state of the art sound system located in the power house
- hundreds of native trees such as Norway spruce and white cedars as well as numerous types of berry trees to attract birds. The area is a glyway for migratory birds.

Now, how exciting is this!! Because our winters a little long, let us embrace it and go skating. Outdoor skating is such fun. All you need to do is bring your skates and away you go. There should be enough room for all,.

Maybe I'll see you there one day. I'll be the lady trying to keep skating because I don't know how to stop.

Compliments of Betty Bartusevicius
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