Sunday, February 5, 2012

New Cell Phone Towers

Driving east across the QEW today, I notice a great big white cross just west of Mississauga Road and the QEW!!  HMMM!!!! I thought, 'what a great cross for the small church that is located in South Mississauga.  I was told that it was a new style of Cell Phone Tower.  It was not as ornate as most are, but just a huge white one, very plain.   It is one of the first ones put up about a month ago for better cell reception for the community.

There was quite the kerfuffle about it as most residents were disturbed about the health issues with this tower.  It is also located amongst the huge hydro towers.  Now, the residents don't seem to mind the hydro towers, but when it comes to this cell tower, they were disturbed.  I was just wondering what the difference in health issues were between the two?? 

The Cell company is paying 'rent' to the church to put this on their land.  It is not an ugly tower that you see all over the place.

Just to create some conversation ...  what are the thoughts regarding this?  I don't lean one way or the other.  Homes have been selling, and selling well among the hydro towers.  It's a beautiful neighbourhood.  If you 'google' the health issues, you can make an informed decision as to whether you want to live there or not.

I certainly appreciate having better service on my cell phone.

My thoughts only!!!! 

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Jen Lau said...

I think it's okay. I mean, it's all about relating one's technology to what people now see as familiar. More power to these initiatives.

Jen @ Tower Point