Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Happy Vacations

As March Break/Reading Week and the summer holiday season approaches, we start thinking about travelling.  Travelling is a wonderful way to see the world.  It doesn’t matter whether you do a road trip, camping trip, or a flight to far off places, a vacation can turn into an experience that you quickly want to forget.  How?  Well, exhausting itineraries, eating an abundance of rich and unfamiliar foods, illness just to name a few.  You need a little advanced planning.
I have come up with a few helpful hints that may help.  I have collected them from others, and have used some of my own, to allow everyone to enjoy the journey.

Be Organized
Putting everything in one folder helps.  That includes, maps, telephone numbers, insurance information, flight times, hotel reservations, tickets to events that you may be attending.  Also, make sure you put photo copies of your personal information like driver’s license, passport and credit cards separately from your pockets or purse.  When you create this second set, give them to someone you trust that is not travelling with you – perhaps a close friend or a family member.  If you need them, they should be able to fax/email them to you if an emergency situation occurs. 

Pack A Medicine Bag

It’s easy to catch a cold or suffer digestive problems when you are away.  Make certain to include some pain and allergy medication.  If you have prescribed medication, make sure to take the bottle with you with enough medication to last the trip and perhaps a couple extra days for the ‘just in case’ scenario.  Some of this stuff cannot be brought on the plane so, if you are flying, make sure.

Use Technology
How many of us travel with our phones and laptops/iPads?  At least one member of the family will have one device.  If you have a cell phone, make sure you contact you provider to change it to holiday mode so that you don’t get a huge bill when you get back.  As for flying, it has become much easier.  You can now check-in for your flight before you leave home and select your seat.  I have scanned my boarding pass directly from the iPad which saves that extra piece of paper. 

Bring Snacks
Make sure you have dry snacks packed.  Fruit and water is always a good idea.  If you’re flying, you may not be able to do that until you get past security.

When travelling, make sure you are as comfortable as possible.  Wear loose fitting clothing and keep a warm sweater handy for those cool breezes. 

Plan ahead and all should be well.  The most important thing to remember, there is a light at the end of the tunnel – your destination – and time with your family and loved ones. 

Enjoy your holidays.  You wait all year for them to come around!

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Deborah L. Sykes said...

Awesome Tips! Makes me wish I was going away and making use of them! :P