Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Am I Getting Old?

As I do my travels through neighbourhoods in Mississauga, I have noticed that there are so many families just getting back from their summer vacations and now are starting to scramble to prepare their children to go back to school.  It doesn't matter whether it's elementary school or post secondary, the excitement is starting to build.

I was at the gym and the parents are starting to bring in their youngins to give them something to do while they do their own workouts.  Some don't even want to be up.

I'm being a little bit nostalgic these days because it has brought back so many memories when my children were at home with me.  My son and I were 'sharing a moment' yesterday when he says to me: "Mom, do you know that it's been 10 years ago that I finished High School?"  I looked at him and all of a sudden I saw this young man in front of me.  When did he grow up?  Those years have just flown by.  You might know, I have also have a daughter.  She is a couple years younger so it's only been 8 years for her.

I remember the days that both my children came into our lives.  That was an ouch!  (HAHAHA!!!!  I don't want to scare anyone that is having their first).   Both are now adults!  When did this happen?  Their doors have been opened for so many great things!  They have gone through these doors, at times hesitantly, but when passed, the smiles spread from ear to ear.  Pressures of school, peer pressures, occupational choices...they had to make their own.  Of course, dad and mom were there to lend an ear or even a shoulder when necessary, but the decision was theirs to be made.  A long time ago, we instilled in them that all decisions had consequences so make sure you make sound decisions.  Of course they made mistakes...that's the only way to learn...but they were learned not to repeat the ones where they didn't like the consequence.

Now, they have moved on and are spreading their wings and flying.  I sit back and wonder if I could have made it easier for them?  No, I think if I had, they wouldn't be the fantastic young adults that they are.  Was there any advice that I could have given them that they would appreciate?  Probably not yet, but maybe one day they will remember the few little pieces of advice that I gave them.  There is so much for them to get from Twitter, Facebook, and Google.  My advice was from the heart.

For all of you that  have children that are growing up, or are now going on to create their own niches in the world, give your kids a hug!  Remind them that the tears that are shed when you say 'see you soon' are happy tears!  This is their turn!  You, as my husband and I, have helped provide the stepping stones.

Thank you for letting me do a little bit of nostalgic writing.

Betty Bartusevicius
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