Monday, February 16, 2009

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The sun is starting to shine and the snow is starting to melt. With Spring just around the corner, we bring our thoughts to the landscaping and outside chores that we laid to rest in the past fall season. We're all in the same boat.

The renovation tax credit that was announced in Budget 2009 stimulus plan, may motivate property owners to carry out home improvements this year.

Renovating a home is a labour of love the can generate long-term benefits and financial return.

Because more and more of us are concerned with the environment, here are a few "Green" ideas for remodeling your home. Some of these ideas would be more appealing with recreational property, but could also apply to your prime residence.

Reclaimed Wood Flooring

If you are considering replacing the floor, reclaimed wood from other buildings could be used. There are companies that produce quality flooring out of used wood. It looks great, performs well and DOES NOT impact the environment through logging.


Remodelling the washroom? Look for EnergyStar appliances -- low-flow toilets, water saving shower heads and faucets. These save on water useage and they save on energy required to heat your water.

Local Flora

Local plants will require less care than imported ones. They have been raised to adapt to our different seasons. They require less watering, no special soil or tending.

Energy Saving Windows

Energy-efficient windows will eventually pay for themselves with the savings in heating and cooling.

Alternative Power Sources

Solar panels and wind turbines are only 2 options of a growing movement to get more energy from renewable resources rather than our power grids or fossil fuels.

Educate yourself on the care and maintenance of 'green' products

After spending money on 'eco-friendly' products, we are disappointed when they don't perform as previous products. These products have a shorter shelf life and may require more care. Read instructions on use and choose according to cost and time to maintain these products properly.

If you are not looking to renovate, just click here regarding homes of the future. That could also give you ideas towards "green" homes.

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