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Buying a Home in Today's Market

Is it a good time to buy?

Should I buy a home today or wait until the market calms down? I hear this question at least once every day. In order to answer the question you first need to look at the long term benefits of home ownership.

Financial Reasons:

  • Fixed payments - no more rent increases
  • Tax deductible interest
  • Build equity through long term payments. Your house can be sort of a forced savings account.
  • Build equity through appreciation. For any 10 year period including the years of the great depression real estate has gone up in value. We have seen that homes can go down in value but I also believe that they will go back up.
  • Control a large, valuable asset for the cost of a down payment. $200,000 dollars of stock costs $200,000 to buy. A $200,000 house will have a down payment ranging from a few thousand dollars to maybe $40,000. But you control the entire house and are entitled to 100% of the benefits.

Over 80 percent of all buyers begin their search on the internet. Here are a few tips to help with your internet search:
- Put in good information. Your search results will only be as good as the search criteria that you input.
- Consider signing up for an automated listing search. With the automated search the new or changed listings that match your search will be automatically emailed to you.

Most agents will never call you and now with the Do Not Call List that has come out, agents have to be very diligent on who they will call. If agents do call, it usually is just an offer to assist with your search and there is nothing too heavy handed especially if there is no obligation from you as a client. This is not the case with myself. I call and help as much as you will allow me to do so, and see what your next step will be.

Many of the web "Sign ins" do not screen the information. I do screen site sign ups because I have had many requesting information with email addresses that go nowhere and also dead telephone numbers.

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There is no time like the present to begin your investigations into a property purchase or salethat will lead to sound decision making.

Experience is not expensive; it is Priceless.

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