Monday, July 5, 2010

Declutter and Disconnect Emotionally

Selling your home can be difficult emotionally. It is difficult to part with your property when you read all the bad news about home ownership. There are a few ways to ease the stress and make the process of selling your home a little more acceptible.

First of all, take all emotions out of the process. Difficult to do. That is why you hire a professional realtor to do this for you. If you cannot disconnect, problems will arise. First of all, if you feel that your home is worth more than it truly is (and all of us know our house is worth more), you and your realtor will have many 'discussions' as to what your 'house' is worth. The seller will also become a little more sensitive to the criticism of their property.

Secondly, make the house anonymous. In other words, remove all personal effects. We want buyers to come in and see themselves living in this home. We want buyers to look at the home not at the pictures, etc.m,of the families that live there.

When you declutter, don't just dump them in a closet or a box in the attic or basement. The garage is a good place, but make sure you can see that a car, or two, can get in without much trouble. Rent a storage space. Rent the "PODS" that are available now. Take your stuff to a family member's house if possible. This last place is the least expensive.

Now, when the offer comes in, consider it. Don't get insulted. It's always a starting point. In this market, it is difficult to judge what to offer. Sometimes homes are listed well above "Market Value" of the home, so start somewhere. This is where it is very important to be disconnected emotionally.

Let your realtor do his/her job. We can advise you where to proceed. In today's economic times, consider all offers. If both sides are at a stand-still, and both have yielded as much as possible, then maybe this deal was not meant to be. It might be the time to sleep on it and continue with the next one that comes in.

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