Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Moving Made Simple

This is the time of year when movers are extremely busy as we begin our moves into our new homes. It is a popular time of year to move because we want to be settled in before a school season starts, we want to still be able to meet our new neighbours because this is the time of year that we spend as much time outside as we can... there are other reasons and each person has his/her reason.

Choose Your Move:

- do-it-yourself
- full service
- use a pod for storage or moving

The first two actually are self-explanatory. The pod is relatively new. A large container is dropped on your driveway and you pack it. Once you're ready, the mover will load it onto a truck and drop it off at your new destination and you unload. Some movers will also store this pod in a dry and safe place until you take possession of your new home.

Hire A Quality Mover:

If you are hiring movers, get at least 3 quotes and do your homework. Seek recommendations (don't forget your Facebook circle). Investigate the company at bbb.org.

It may be worth to spend a little more for a qualified mover. What you should look for in a mover is a personal visit to your home and provide you with a written estimate.


Taking less stuff is cheaper and less hassle. Keep a room (or garage) to sort your belongings into piles of throw out/recycle/donate. Have a garage sale (this may provide you with a little bit of money for pizza on the day of the move) This is a perfect time to declutter and get rid of belongings that have been boxed in the basement that you have forgotten that you have.

Be Flexible:

Moving rates depend on when you move. The busiest time for movers, and thus the most expensive, is sumemr weekends near the 15th and 30th of the month.

Save On Boxes:

Buying new boxes from the mover could be costly. The less expensive way is to find someone who has just moved. Consider pricing them at a do-it-yourself moving store such as U-Haul. Talk to your realtor. He/she may know someone who has just moved.

Save On Packing Material:

If you're packing your belongings yourself, fill suitcases, laundry baskets and plastic containers with ungreakable items. Use linens to wrap fragile belongings.

Insure It:

Check your homeowner's insurance policy to determine whether it provides coverage for your belongings while in transit. If not, you may want more than the basic free valuation coverage a full-service mover provides. You'll want full replacement-value insurance. BUT, you may not want to purchase that from your moving company. Moving insurance MAY be cheaper from a third party, but be aware that you probably cannot get insurance on boxes that you pack yourself.

Be Prepared:

Plot out where furniture and boxes will go before moving day arrives. The less time movers spend rearranging, the less expensive it will be. Label your boxes so you know into which room the box will be placed.

With the above suggestions, I hope that this might be helpful in making your move a little less stressful. The few suggestions may also have you a little more prepared. Moving is always stressful, be it moving a family or just yourself.

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